Wild Church will be springing up across the Woodbridge Group and the Deanery once per month.

We will be finding places of worship and connection in the Wild Places of North Wiltshire.

This will be church, but maybe not as you know it…

you will need wellies and a raincoat,

its ideal for families and children, and everyone else who is happy to get a little muddy,

dogs are welcome,

its about joining in

and thinking about creation care


meeting with our Creator in his garden.


Up coming events


Sunday 5th December 2021

The return of Christingle Reimagined, at Grittleton

Past Events

Sunday 19th September 2021 

Bow in the Cloud Vineyard. We looked at the bounty of God’s provision in this vineyard, and had a great time finding the best grape using science and a sugar-o-meter. Afterwards we enjoyed lunch together and nobody really wanted to go home!

Sunday 10th October 2021 in Cricklade.  We focussed on the forthcoming COP26 environmental conference as we meet in the Millennium Wood next to a dual carriageway!

Elements Videos
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20 December 2020


We gathered around a fire to share in the story of the light of the world with Hot Chocolate and Mince Pies

23-30 November 2020 Our Walk of Peace was available for you to enjoy as a part of your daily exercise.

This was in the churchyards of St Giles, Lea, All Saints Garsdon and also at Malmesbury Abbey. This reflective and (self)guided walk in the church grounds. Everyone was invited to take this opportunity to connect afresh, as individuals, families or households,  with these community space and find precious moments of peace in this time of lockdown and uncertainty.

Thanks to our partners at the Hazelnut Community Farm for their help and support of getting started https://hazelnutcommunityfarm.com/