Wild Church will be springing up across the Woodbridge Group and the Deanery once per month.

We will be finding places of worship and connection in the Wild Places of North Wiltshire.

This will be church, but maybe not as you know it…

you will need wellies and a raincoat,

its ideal for families and children, and everyone else who is happy to get a little muddy,

dogs are welcome,

its about joining in

and thinking about creation care


meeting with our Creator in his garden.

Up coming events

Sunday 19th September, 11am 

Bow in the Cloud Vineyard

Bring a packed lunch




                       Sunday 10th October, 4pm in Cricklade, details tbc


While we are unable to meet together, we thought we would out out some online stuff. Here is the first in our Element series. We start with Living Water and we will also be covering Dust and Earth, Holy Wind and Consuming Fire in the next few weeks.


Past Events

20 December


Gather around a fire to share in the story of the light of the world

there will be Hot Chocolate and Mince Pies

Roberts Berry Farm, Grittleton SN14 6AT


23-30 November Our Walk of Peace will be available for you to enjoy as a part of your daily exercise.

You can find this in the churchyards of St Giles, Lea, All Saints Garsdon and also at Malmesbury Abbey.

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Thanks to our partners at the Hazelnut Community Farm for their help and support of getting started https://hazelnutcommunityfarm.com/