Reserve a Grave in our Churchyards

It is possible to reserve a grave for the burial of a coffin in some of our churchyards for your future use.  It is not possible to reserve a space for the future burial of ashes.

You should ensure that your wishes are communicated to your relatives – please do not rely on the reading of your will to share this information as this usually happens after a funeral has taken place.

No further burials are possible in Brinkworth or Little Somerford as these graveyards are full and closed to burials. Here you should enquire to the local Parish Council for arrangements in their cemeteries.  There is also a civil cemetery in Startley (in the parish of Great Somerford)

Dauntsey, Garsdon and Great Somerford will accept requests for reservations. Lea will not accept requests for reservations.  Each of these churchyards has sufficient space for burials for the foreseeable future.

An application for a Faculty must be made to the Diocesan legal authorities using the form below.  You will need to demonstrate a connection to the parish concerned (residence, or a relative is buried there) and the application needs to be supported by the vicar and the Parochial Church Council. A fee of £305.40 (in 2021) is payable at the time of application, and while applications will not be unreasonably refused there is no guarantee that they will be granted. Given this, and the fact that each of our open churchyards has plenty of space, you should consider carefully whether you need to spend this money!

Allocation of plots is by agreement with the vicar, and it may not be possible to have a particular place. The granting of a Faculty does not convey ownership of a plot, which remains with the vicar.

Grave space reservation – Diocese of Bristol 2021

Please contact our office in order to submit any applications.