Rectors of Little Somerford

The Rectors of Somerford Mauduyt als Parva or Little Somerford*
Taken chiefly from Phillips’ Wiltshire Institutions


1297-1311 William de Lomene
1311-1317Thomas de AsheleyeSir John Mauduyt
1317-1323John de Erdburghditto
1323-1330William de Beleweditto
1330-1348Henry Baylemund ditto
Robert le Spencer On death of HBAgnes, widow of Sir John Mauduyt

Robert Coigne On death of RSSir Thomas Bradeston, second husband of Agnes
unknown - 1408Robert Grafton Sir Thomas Bradeston

Richard Sloughtreby exchange with RGJohn Barton snr &C for this turn
1409-1409Thomas Hitteweyeinstead of RSditto
1409-1435Thomas Felixinstead of THditto

John Bullok als DeveroseAfter resignation of TFMargery, Lady Moleyns, widow
1437-1446John Segar instead of JBditto
1446-1456 Robert Goshawk by exchange with JSSir Robert Hungerford, Lord Moleyns and by right of his wife Elinor, d(aughter?) & h(eir?) of Lord Moleyns
1456-1505John Kene after death of RGditto
1505-1510Thomas Power after death of JKEdward Hastyngs, Lord Hastyngs and Hungerford
1510-1512Nicholas Carterafter resignation of TPMary, Lady Hastyngs and Hungerford
1512-15xxNicholas Carter Mary, Lady Hastyngs and Sir Richard Sacheverell, her second husband
15yy- 15zzWalter Broke ditto
1565-1581John Browne on death of WBKatherine, widow of Francis, Lord Huntington
1581-1618 Richard Andreweson death of JBSir Edward Hungerford
1618-1651 William Palmer on death of RACharles Goslett of Marshfield, this turn by permission of Francis, Earl of Rutland
1651-1689John Palmer Son of William Palmer and came into possession of the Rectory in 1647. Instituted under ecclesiastical arrangements of 1651 and received episcopal institution in 1660)Sir Humphrey Tufton, Bart
1689-1709 John Callowe on death of JPSir Stephen Fox
1709-1730 Nicholas Fenn on death of JCditto
1730-1753 Samuel Hill on death of NFditto
1753-1760Charles Stone on death of SHStephen, Lord Ilchester
1760-1774 John Freke on resignation of CSditto
1774-1780 Walter Wightwick on resignation of JFLord Stavordale
1780-1781Thomas Whellier p.c. WWHenry Thomas, Earl of Ilchester
1781-1794William Jones on death of TWditto
Henry Wightwick on resignation of WJditto
1846-1893Arthur Evans on death of HWHenry Wightwick and Sarah Armstrong, his wife
1893-1911Richard Garlick Brown
on death of AEMrs Sarah Brown, widow
1911-1919Edward Mortimer on death of RGBThe Bishop of Bristol
1919-1933Maurice Henry FitzGeraldon resignation of EMditto
1933-1934Loton Parry on resignation of MHFditto
1934-1947William Cardwellon resignation of LPditto

H. Paul Kingdon Priest in Chargeditto
1952-1965Albert French Lutleyditto
1965-1966Roy HarrisonPriest in Charge ditto
1966-1973Thomas Bertram Pelham The parish was united with Great Somerford and Seagry in 1967ditto
1974-1982Ian Charles Maxwellditto
1982-2009John Edward Guy OswaldIn 1986 Corston and Rodbourne joined the Benefice
2009-2012 Richard EastPriest in Charge following the retirement of J.E.G. Oswald. Reordering in 2012 added hospitality and sanitary facilitiesditto
2014-present Stephen WilkinsonInitially Priest-in-Charge, then first Rector of the Woodbridge Group: Little Somerford, Great Somerford, Brinkworth, Dauntsey, Garsdon, Lea from 2016Jointly by Bishop of Bristol, Church Society Trust, Rector and Scholars of Exeter College Oxford

*The local name of ‘Maunditt’ lives on in Maunditt’s Farm high above the village on the main road from Malmesbury towards Brinkworth