Rectors of Great Somerford Church

Rectors of Somerford Matravers (Great or Broad Somerford)
Taken from the Rectors Board in the church, and brought up to date

Date of InstitutionNameNotes
Temp Henry iiiJohn de Holewale
Temp Henry iiiStephan Gournevale
Temp Edward iPhilip Deneband
1340Thomas Montealto
1340John Kemble
1384John Yernemouth
1384John Chelsey
1401Richard Huntyngton
1402John Holborn
1403John Wyrshall
1404Roger Atte Hurne
1416Walter Read
1421John Hurley
1438William Bassett
1438John Ede
1477John Munday
1506John Samborn
1511John Mason
1514William Ranger
1514John Bolton
1525Henry Russell
1537Thomas Arnold
1554Peter Vernon
1559Henry Unwin
1578Richard Atwood
1605Thomas Read
1605John Langton
1637Samuel Kinaston
1667Nathaniel Aske
1676Richard Browne
1687Edmund Wayte
1702William Lake
1704Isaac Reeks
1728Thomas Seale
1771William Tonkin
1799Stephen G.F.T DemainbrayFounded England's first allotments on Dauntsey Road
1854William Andrews
1887Francis H. Manley
1945Henry Paul Kingdon
1952Albert F. Lutley
1965Thomas B. PelhamThe parish was united with Little Somerford and Seagry in 1967
1974Ian C. MaxwellMoved into new Rectory on Frog Lane, Old Rectory sold.
1982J.E.Guy OswaldCorston and Rodbourne joined the Benefice in 1986. Died 2020.
2009Richard EastPriest in Charge until 2012 following retirement of J.E.G.Oswald.
2014Stephen WilkinsonPriest in Charge 2014-2016. First Rector of the Woodbridge Benefice (Great Somerford, Little Somerford, Brinkworth, Dauntsey, Garsdon, Lea) from 2016. Roofs replaced 2016, Major internal reordering 2019-2020

The Patronage was in the hands of the Maltravers family and their heirs until 1578, and later of the families of Yewe and Jason until 1704 when it was acquired by Exeter College, Oxford, who first presented in 1728

The Rectors Board which covers the first 43 Rectors up to Guy Oswald was placed in the church by John Lee Osborn (Churchwarden 1913-1923) in grateful memory of his wife, Edith Maude, and in token of their love for this place. A new Rector’s Board was added during the 2019 re-ordering.