Rectors of Brinkworth Church

Taken from the Rectors List on display in the church and brought up to date
1312Abbey of Malmesbury
Gllychardus de Pardy
The King, for Abbey of Malmesbury
John de Badmington
1344Wm. De Bohun, Earl of NorthamptonJohn de Batisford
on death of B.
1346The King, for Abbey of Malmesbury John de Bishopston
The King, for Abbey of Malmesbury Richard de Hatheleseye
UnknownUnknownWilliam Louedere

Probably instituted between 1364-137x, during which time there is a long deficiency in the Episcipal Registers. Rector of Rushall 1383-1392. Rector of Mildenhall 1393-1404.
1383Abbey of Malmesbury Richard Benet by exchange with W.L.
Rector of Rushall 1373-1383

Abbey of Malmesbury William Odecombe
by exchange with R.B. Vicar of Wodesden, Lincoln Diocese 1355.
1384Abbey of Malmesbury John de Malton by exchange with W.O. Rector of Cricklade St. Sampson 1403-
Abbey of Malmesbury Walter Lambard by exchange with J. de M. Rector of Cricklade St. Sampson 1402-1403. It was probably about this time that the existing Nave and Tower of the Church, and the Chancel (since replaced) were rebuilt.

Abbey of Malmesbury John Duffield instead of W.L.
1419Abbey of Malmesbury
Alexander Sparweinstead of J.D.
1421Abbey of Malmesbury Walter Tilleby instead of A.S.
1422Abbey of Malmesbury Walter Baggeinstead of W.T.

Cecilia, Mother of King Edward IVJohn London on death of W.B.
UnknownUnknownRichard Machon
Vicar of Minety 1471-1475. Rector of Crudwell 1478

Abbey of Malmesbury John Lychefield on death of R.M.
Abbey of Malmesbury Thomas Hedd on death of J.L.

John and Thomas Huntbache
Humfry Brockhurst on death of T.H. Still Rector in 1535 at the time of the Valor Ecclesiastians.
1521The Exempted Abbey of Meldun John Walleis This Institution was apparently invalid, the presentation having been granted to J.S.T. Huntbache.
UnknownUnknownWilliam Buckley
1560Isabella, Widow of Sir John Ayliffe, dec.John Somerfield on death of W.B.
1567Richard Tanner by leave of John Ayliffe, gentJohn White on death of J.S.
UnknownUnknownEdward Hutchins

Instituted between 1588-92 or 1596-7, during which times there were deficies in the Episcopal Registry. Preb of Sarum 1569-1629, and also Rector of Nettleton at the time of his death. Will PCC Ridley 1562, Brasenose College Oxford MA 1562, Fellow, a noted preacher
1629 Rowland Wilson of Longon, merchant, and Nicholas Crispe for this turn
Tobias Crispe
on death of E.H.
A noted Puritan preacher. B.A. Christ’s College Cambridge 1624 M.A. Balliol College Oxford 1627. Died in London 27th February 1645. Buried St Mildred Broad Street. The Holy Table, the Silver Chalice and Flagon and the Pulpit were presented to the Church while he was Rector.
1643UnknownWilliam Dowdeswell on resignation of T.C. Pembroke College Oxford. ACL 1642. Canon of Worcester 1660-1678. Buried at Brinkworth May 1671.
1646 [During the Commonwealth]John HardingA.A. Intruded- Rector (1646-1669)
Magdelen College, Oxford. (“A most violent Presbytarian.”) M.A. 1823. Fellow and DD 1648.
16– UnknownWilliam Dowdeswell Again obtains possession, and seems to have held the living until his death in 1673. (See Parish Register.)
Andrew HarrisThis Institution does not appear in the Episcipal Registers, and he can only have been Rector a a few months. Probably Andrew Harris H.A. Christ Church College, Oxford 1635. Vicar of Stratfield Mortimer Berks, 1669
1— George Ayliffe, Armiger Francis Henry Caryon cessation of A.H. M.A. Christ Church, Oxford 1669. Rector of Stow-nine Church, Northants 1666
1711 George Ayliffe, Armiger Richard Copsonon death of F.H.C
Pembroke College, Oxford. M.A. 1709. In 1729 the Silver Salver was given to the Church
1732 Judith Ayliffe, Spinster William Thornton on death of R.C.
Perhaps of Hart Hall, Oxford. M.A. 1708.
1760 Rt. Hon. Henry Fox Simon Crook on death of W.T.
Queens College, Oxford. M.A. 1712. Rector of Foxley 1727-33 and of Bremhilham 1729-1760.
1763 Rt. Hon. Henry Fox James Sparrowon death of S.C.
University College, Oxford. A.A. 1726. Rector of St. Swithins, Wa– for 40 years. Memorial Tablet there. Rector of Broughton Gifford 1745-1765. Preb of Sarum 1767-1770.
Lord Holland Benjamin Blaneyon death of J.S.
Canon of Christ Church & D.D. 1757. Regius Professor of Hebrew 1787-1807. Rector of Poulshot 1735-1807
1780 Henry Richard, Lord Holland John Penton on resignation of B.B. M.A. Cambridge. Died 12th October 1802. Buried in Abbey Church, Bath. Memorial Tablet there.
1841 Pembroke College, Oxford Charles Wightwick on death of M.M.
Pembroke College, Oxford. B.D. 1822. Fellow 1862. Wxx 1822. Rector of Pitney 1819.
1861 Pembroke College, Oxford

William de Quetteville on death of C.W.
Pembroke College Oxford. M.A. 1854. Fellow 1851-62. The Chancel was rebuilt and the East Window fitted with stained glass while he was Rector.
1896Pembroke College, Oxford Robert G. Livingstoneon resignation of W.L.Q. Pembroke College, Oxford. M.A. 1863. Fellow 1858-94. Dean & Hon. Canon of Bristol 1902. The Nave was restored and a new Organ placed in the Gallery and a sixth Bell added to the Church Peal during this Incumbency

The Bishop of Bristol Ronald Erskine Ramsayon death of R.G.L.
M.A. Oxon, LLD Bristol. Consecrated first Bishop of Malmesbury 1927. Also Archdeacon of Swindon 1928.
1950The Bishop of Bristol Leonard C. Cornwell on resignation of R.E.R. M.A. Cambridge. B.D. London. Archdeacon of Swindon 1947.
1961 The Bishop of Bristol Godfrey C. W. Wallis on resignation of L.C.C. M.C. 1945. M.A. Oxon. Rector of Brinkworth with Dauntsey.
1972 The Bishop of Bristol Gordon E. Boocockon resignation of G.C.W.W.
Rector of Brinkworth with Dauntsey.
1974 The Bishop of Bristol Christopher L. Sutch on death of G.E.B.
M.A. Oxon. Rector of Brinkworth with Dauntsey.
1989-2012The Bishop of BristolDerek Ormston on resignation of C.L.S. DipTh. Rector of Brinkworth with Dauntsey, also Chaplain to New College Swindon. Church re-roofed.
2014-presentThe Bishop of Bristol jointly with the Church Society Trust and Exeter College, OxfordStephen Wilkinsonon retirement of D.O. BEng, DipTh, Ridley Hall. Cambridge. Initially Priest-in-Charge, First Rector of the Woodbridge Benefice (Brinkworth, Dauntsey, Garsdon, Great Somerford, Little Somerford, Lea) from 2016. During this incumbency the bells were repaired and rehung, clock converted to electric winding 2016