We have various policies applicable to our church life and activities. This is perhaps not the most exciting area of our website, but it’s how we comply with the various regulatory requirements that we are subject to. Where possible we have a common policy across the entire benefice, perhaps with specific local variations where circumstances require that.  This listing is not necessarily exhaustive, as the original versions of many older (but current!) policies are not available.

Baptism (Christening)

Baptism Policy March 2017 (issued March 2017)


The incumbent has authority to agree the design of headstones on graves, providing that they comply with the following documents:

Bristol Diocesan Churchyard Regulations 2023  – deviation from these requires special permission by Faculty.  Local regulations below comply with these and expand on local arrangements.

Interment and Memorial Regulations for the Woodbridge Group (issued 2017, need review to ensure compliance with 2021 Diocesan Regulations)

Churchyard management in the Woodbridge Group (issued 2017)

How to Reserve a Grave in our Churchyards

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations

GDPR Privacy Notice Woodbridge Group (issued May 2018, updated August 2021)

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy Great Somerford (issued June 2020)

Other policies being retrieved

Lone Working

(content to be published)

Social Media

Guidelines for the use of Social Media – Woodbridge (June 2021)