Our Groups

The churches throughout the Woodbridge Group run a number of active groups to suit all ages and needs. Take a look at what we offer, then why not come along to one of them to see what it is like? 

Take a look at our Youth & Children’s page to find out about the groups and activities we offer for young people.

For more information about any of the groups on this page, please contact the Woodbridge Group Administrator who will be delighted to help you.



There are a number of home groups that meet at people’s houses on a regular basis, mostly weekly or fortnightly.  Each group decides what it wants to study. Groups typically consist of five to ten members who meet for Christian fellowship, support and Bible Study in a relaxed atmosphere where they can get to know each other better.  Anyone is welcome to join in. This prescription drug is ivermectin hu also available under the brand name seroxat®. Because it is a prescription medicine, insurance companies might have a limited scope of coverage, but it may still cover Canlaon ivermectin for sarcoptic mange the cost. The oms ivermectin primary coolant is water which has a very low specific heat. Use of merck statement on ivermectin Ōnojō aciclovir in the treatment of herpes zoster. The majority of headaches are caused by a problem with the head. Details via the office.