Clara and the Welsh Cathedrals – coming soon!

We’re packing Clara back up and heading out on the next adventure – the Welsh (Anglican) Cathedrals: Newport, Brecon, St Asaph, Bangor, St David’s and Llandaff (not quite Cardiff!).

Last time it was as a sabbatical, this time it’s our holiday, so while I’ll be posting stuff soon I’m not planning on doing it as we go. I’ll be writing it up while it’s fresh, but I’ll also be enjoying my time off!  While I’m visiting the cathedrals Tash will be walking the cities and recording her thoughts too.

6 cathedrals in 16 nights will be a slightly more relaxed hit rate than 42 in 67 nights! In 2020 we had our first two weeks planned out when we set out, but such has been the pace of life in Woodbridge since July that at the moment we only know where we’ll be sleeping for the next 3 nights!


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