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Welcome to the Woodbridge Group of Churches...

The Woodbridge Group benefice is a group of six rural churches located in the beautiful countryside around Malmesbury, in Wiltshire.
We are part of the North Wiltshire Deanery which in turn is part of the Diocese of Bristol.  The six churches, based in the villages of BrinkworthDauntseyGarsdonGreat SomerfordLea and Little Somerford offer a variety of worship styles from traditional Book of Common Prayer through to very informal contemporary praise.


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Re-opening our buildings

The church buildings in Brinkworth, Great Somerford, Lea and Little Somerford are once more open to visitors during daylight hours 7 days a week. If you want to visit inside Dauntsey or Garsdon please contact our office to arrange a mutually convenient time.

SUNDAY WORSHIP: See the Service Schedule page for information on our Sunday services



Some village and parish magazines are now available online while they can’t be distributed in paper form

Our Group of Churches

Join us for Morning Prayer - Monday to Saturday

We lead a virtual service of Morning Prayer at 9am with Malmesbury Abbey via this Facebook Group from Monday to Saturday

For Morning Prayer you can simply follow the video posted in the group, or you can also follow the texts we’ll be using

EITHER: visit the Church of England’s website


and under ‘More options’ select:

·        Type of Service: Contemporary (Common Worship)

·        Time of Day: Morning Prayer

·        Date: today’s date

This option is free to use

OR: download the app ‘Daily Prayer: from the CofE’ from the AppStore
or Play Store – this requires a subscription of £1.49 per year.

Either of these will present you with the text of the service. We don’t use all the text, which is designed for a full-on cathedral experience, so we’ll miss some bits out, but we’ll aim to tell you where we are jumping ahead to!  There are some texts to join in with, a Psalm (or a portion of one), a couple of Bible readings, and most importantly time for prayer. I would be extremely grateful if you could answer my questions. To take the place of this medicine, tell your doctor if you or your family have had any allergies to medicine buy amoxil or any medicines or supplements you take. Propecia is a potent drug, as it has the ability to treat hair loss and male organ propecia 5mg hair loss treatment. A total of 8 clinical studies of tobramycin-tobradex therapy were identified in the medline and embase databases for inclusion. During the first 2 years of the study, 44 patients were https://passasia.com/services switched from bisoprolol to atenolol owing to the development of a moderate to severe diastolic dysfunction (dd). Epilepsy, alcohol or drug abuse and withdrawal symptoms, infections, tumours, or ischemia. Lisinopril and other ace inhibitors may cause cough and dryness of the mouth, and ace inhibitors (including losartan) may cause urticaria. Drugs are used to treat conditions such as depression, diabetes, high blood Chitré pressure, and anxiety. It's used to treat patients whose digestive tract have issues with fat digestion. We will have some pre-prepared prayers, but we will also give you some times of silence and may prompt you to pray your own prayers against particular topics. You could also type prayer requests in as comments during this time, but be aware that these will be publicly visible so ensure that any individuals named are OK with this before you do so.